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One year of Bryan’s life, one second at a time

David Pogue @pogue, tweeted a link to a video made by Bryan Yerman. Bryan video recorded one second of his life for each day of 2013. It’s both funny and creative. Notable is how much Bryan’s life is like any of our lives. The video is 6 mins. 32 secs. Here it is: Bryan’s 2013

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Life expectancy

It’s not released yet, so we don’t know. Will people throng to shell out $59 for a Tikker watch which counts down one’s remaining life expectancy? If so, then I think that we are indeed in a bubble and it is about to burst.

(There’s nothing transcendental involved. Tikker uses a common algorithm used by the federal government to estimate a person’s life expectancy per @SusanDJames.)

Here is how to think about life expectancy:

go for a walk,

if you have children, take them with you,

breathe the air,



maybe take in a wide vista,

remind yourself,

we are here for a very brief time.

Life is sweet and it is fleeting. I don’t need a watch to tell me that. 

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New Year’s Day

I was having such a fun/exasperating time getting this new blog setup that I had to make an effort to tear myself away to go for a ride. Good move. When I got to the bay the day was so gorgeous that I wanted to ride forever. The day could not have been more beautiful. Blue sky, sunshine. Always a scenic ride, today was remarkable in that I saw a great blue heron, white pelicans confused by the warm weather, and an elegant egret mere feet away. And me with only my lousy cell phone camera. Ach. On the trail, cheerful strangers wishing each other happy new year. A perfect day to slow down, appreciate our world and reflect.