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Abalone at the Farmer’s Market


We had a new addition today at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market today, abalone. As the abalone stall is a new addition, it was more like show and tell. And a good show. The abalones themselves are beautiful, rainbow-hued. The fellow working in the stall was displaying live abalone front and center. He was showing the children circled around the abalone’s eyeballs. Eyeballs?

Commercial abalones are all farmed these days. No commercial harvesting in the wild is allowed in CA. I believe that there is still an allowance for the amateur diver. One must be a very powerful swimmer to dive for abalone. Only free-diving, using one’s own breath, is permitted.

The Farmer’s Market is the last stop before home on my Sunday bike rides. Always something to revel in at the market, then head for home.