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Caterpillar “J Stage” Watch – Waiting for Transformation to Chrysalis

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There is one Monarch butterfly caterpillar at J stage. Two more appear to be affixing to the Alstroemeria to prepare for J stage.

This J stage is the stage right before the caterpillar sheds its skin and becomes a chrysalis.

I’m trying to catch that shedding, but it’s difficult to do without a time-lapse camera taking photos every 5 minutes or so. But with three caterpillars in- or headed-to-J stage, maybe I’ll get lucky.

This is a fascinating process. If you want to see more, search for “Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle” on YouTube, there are many amateur videos which show the process from J stage to chrysalis.

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar at J stage, before it sheds its skin to become a chrysalis
Appear to be affixing to Alstroemeria before J stage
These are the Alstroemerias
In the center is a green Monarch chrysalis. See how well camouflaged it is. I inadvertently planted an ideal garden for this habitat.

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