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5th Chrysalis

I was starting out to carefully trim this purple salvia. I wondered if their might be any chrysalides in it as it is near the milkweeds.

Luckily I spotted this one before I trimmed above it.

This is the 5th concurrent chrysalis in my garden right now. There are at least six more caterpillars noshing. Last year this went on until January. But it started later because the milkweeds were less mature. No trimming near rude milkweeds until February.

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J Shape Starting

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar – soon to form a chrysalis – 10:05 AM

12:51 PM

This photo is not in proper focus. But I wanted to capture that in less than three hours it went from caterpillar to chrysalis.

I thought that I was checking frequently enough to see it start and take progressive photos. It was Thanksgiving Day and in was busy. The process of shedding its skin and transforming to the chrysalis was over in about 2.5 hours.

I took this photo the following morning.

Currently there are four chrysalides at my house. I hope to find another in J state to take photos.

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Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis on Alstroemeria

The camouflage with the color of the chrysalis being nearly the same color as the Alstroemeria leaves is astounding.

I am concerned that this chrysalis is affixed to the flower petal and that the petal may drop before the butterfly 🦋 is ready to emerge. However, the Alstroemeria is long blooming. And it might be affixed to the end of the flower stem.

I’ll provide the visual story as it unfolds.