No better time than now

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Best $159 I ever spent

I bought my first place in Mountain View in early 2002. It was not long after September 11th, 2001. The real estate market more or less froze after 9/11/2001. No one felt certain about the future. But I wanted to get into a house, or in my case, a townhouse. I found one in January and moved in a few weeks later.

In getting to know the shortcuts and access points to my neighborhood I ran across the Steven Creek Trail. It called for a bike. One of our engineering executives used to ride his bike to work everyday. He recommended that rather than start with an expensive bike that I go to The Cardinal on El Camino, across from Stanford, and buy a used one. Great idea.

The Cardinal is a long standing bike shop in Palo Alto. When I went in there were two very experienced guys working. I had no inking of what I wanted. We talked. We picked out a couple. I rode them around in the parking lot and chose the one which felt the best. Nothing fancy. One hundred and fifty-nine dollars.

That was eleven years and three houses ago. Still riding the same bike.

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New Year’s Day

I was having such a fun/exasperating time getting this new blog setup that I had to make an effort to tear myself away to go for a ride. Good move. When I got to the bay the day was so gorgeous that I wanted to ride forever. The day could not have been more beautiful. Blue sky, sunshine. Always a scenic ride, today was remarkable in that I saw a great blue heron, white pelicans confused by the warm weather, and an elegant egret mere feet away. And me with only my lousy cell phone camera. Ach. On the trail, cheerful strangers wishing each other happy new year. A perfect day to slow down, appreciate our world and reflect.