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Chrysalis in Thorny Bougainvillea

First time for me to find a Monarch chrysalis amidst the Bougainvillea. As they are very thorny, I was not positive that the caterpillars would go there. On the other hand the camouflage is good.

Perspective on chrysalis is Bougainvillea. Camouflaged.

Right now I am watching eight chrysalides in my garden. But as you can see, they are so well camouflaged that there must be several more hidden in the leaves that I have not found.

With this finding of the chrysalis in the Bougainvillea there is now a chrysalis or J stage caterpillar in all of the plants in this corner. Alstroemeria, lantana, salvia/sage, and Bougainvillea.

Note: Over 24 caterpillars in the Milkweeds today.

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Chrysalis Process – Monarch Butterfly, with Video

Morning. This is the caterpillar in J stage. It’s hanging with its head down. The backend has cemented itself to the Alstroemeria stem, somewhat sheltered by a leaf. I’m on transformation watch for it to shed its skin. Checking all through this rainy day.
Late afternoon. Very far along. Starting from the bottom, it sheds its skin by wiggling to push it up. The skin is that black folded material.
The skin moves up, revealing what will be the green chrysalis.
It is out of the skin. Sometimes they push they push the black skin entirely away until it falls to the ground. Sometimes it stays there. See the intricacy of the forming chrysalis at the bottom.
Getting dark. I’ll have to photograph the final chrysalis in the morning. I’m very excited. This is my first chance to see a caterpillar settling in place, then hanging J stage, then shedding skin.
Video of how it gyrates to push away the old skin.
Next morning. This is not the final, crystal-like shape of the chrysalis. I will post the final shape, io hope with less rain distorting the surface.

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Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis on Alstroemeria

The camouflage with the color of the chrysalis being nearly the same color as the Alstroemeria leaves is astounding.

I am concerned that this chrysalis is affixed to the flower petal and that the petal may drop before the butterfly 🦋 is ready to emerge. However, the Alstroemeria is long blooming. And it might be affixed to the end of the flower stem.

I’ll provide the visual story as it unfolds.