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Chrysalis in Thorny Bougainvillea

First time for me to find a Monarch chrysalis amidst the Bougainvillea. As they are very thorny, I was not positive that the caterpillars would go there. On the other hand the camouflage is good.

Perspective on chrysalis is Bougainvillea. Camouflaged.

Right now I am watching eight chrysalides in my garden. But as you can see, they are so well camouflaged that there must be several more hidden in the leaves that I have not found.

With this finding of the chrysalis in the Bougainvillea there is now a chrysalis or J stage caterpillar in all of the plants in this corner. Alstroemeria, lantana, salvia/sage, and Bougainvillea.

Note: Over 24 caterpillars in the Milkweeds today.

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Monarch butterfly feeding on lantana

January 19, 2019

Northern California

Teetering on endangerment, this Monarch fed in this purple lanatana for 20 minutes, maybe longer. The flower is more purpose than pink in real life.

We used to see several per year. But it’s rare now. Counters report that Monarchs are down 86% from last year. Last year.